Get a Smaller Cart. Pay a Smaller Fee.
Did you know you have a choice of three sizes and three fees when it comes to your brown garbage cart? Based on how much trash you throw away - or don't throw away - you can down size to a smaller brown cart and lower your monthly collection fee. Smaller cart. Smaller fee.

It's easy. Just dial 3-1-1 and make the switch. This program is for the brown carts. You can keep your large blue recycle and large green organics carts without changing your monthly fee. In fact, the more you recycle and compost the easier it is to use a smaller cart for regular household trash.
We know large families need large carts. But take the 'reduce, reuse, recycle' challenge for a month and see if your household can indeed put out less trash.
Less garbage means less trash goes to the landfill. Not only are you saving money, you're saving the planet, too.
Since the small cart is half the size of the large one, think how much easier it will be to handle and store.
The fees above are for collection services only and do not include the $2.24 Environmental fee.
Call 3-1-1 to make the switch.

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